Friday, July 23, 2010

More Delightful Dads...

We are celebrating the role that dad plays in the home. Here are some extraordinary stories of dads who went the extra mile. These guys are AMAZING! Thanks again to all who sent Dad Stories! They were wonderful! Here are two more...the grand prize story will be posted next week! Drumroll please...

Sleepless Daddy...
During the 3rd trimester of my second pregnancy I got severe depression. It continued after the birth of the baby. Those were some of the darkest days of my life. A couple years had passed and I wasn't totally convinced that the Lord was done with us having children so we starting praying about it. After praying for two years I became pregnant with my third child. I was so scared. But my husband believed in his heart that this pregnancy would glorify the Lord and he didn't worry about me getting depressed again. So we entered the 3rd trimester and I still felt good. Then our precious Ella was born. That night at the hospital Jeff told me that he was going to sleep in the nursery and bring me Ella to nurse until she was sleeping through the night. He told me that he loved me so much that he would sacrifice his own sleep to know that I was getting a restful nights sleep to fight off any depression. That lasted 3 1/2 months. Jeff is a legend where we live. So many people meet me and they will say is your husband the one that slept in the floor of your babies room? I just laugh and smile "yes". They always ask why and I tell them God told husbands to love your wives as God loved the church. So he is 100% committed to doing that. He is amazing and I thank God for him everyday.
Kelly, Virginia

And Another Sleepless Daddy...
This past Spring, our 1st grader had a field trip to Roman Nose State Park for a 2 mile hike. Literally over the hills, up the rocks, through the streams.....type of hike!!! My husband had gone with both our older children when they were in 1st grade and he knew how important it was to Hayden for him to go. HOWEVER, he was in very southern Alabama on a contract and doing everything in his power to finish up so he could travel home). After an exhausting day of finishing and loading the equipment to head back, he drove all the way back to Enid, OK virtually NON-STOP & all night and arrived into town 18 hours later just 15 minutes before having to be at the school. He took a VERY quick shower, and headed out with 30 first graders and parents for a "fun-filled" day of hiking in the hot sun, picnic, and playing in the springs. Needless to say, when he got home, he fell into bed clothes and all and slept a LONG time!! But Hayden was such a happy boy, filled with memories of Roman Nose Hiking!!!! What dedication!!!
Kristin, Oklahoma

Okay, it's our turn to encourage the men in our lives. Rather than comparing your fella to these guys, remember, these men have faults, too. This was just a time when they were particularly wonderful. Ask God to help you see something today in your husband that is worth applauding. It's there and God can help us see those things.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This is Our Life - It Is a Choice

Delightful Dad Series
The house is quiet and dark, all three little ones sleeping as we finally settle in. Suddenly the silence is pierced by a series of beeps from my husband’s bedside. The fire department pager goes off. There is a child with difficulty breathing in town. Without a second thought he is up throwing on the clothes he left next to the bed “just in case” to rush out to help someone else’s little one. In spite of working a 12 hour day and having only a short time to sleep before doing it all again, he eagerly gets up, sacrificing his comfort because someone else whom he has never met needs help.

This is our life. It is a choice. It happens multiple times a day (or night) sometimes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way because that’s who my husband is.

Rebecca Hastings
We are grateful for the sacrifice made by so many everyday. Feel free to post your gratitude comments to all the EMT/Police/Fire/Servicemen and women and their spouses by clicking "comments" below. Thanks for sharing your life with us Rebecca!