Saturday, February 21, 2009

This Day…

Our lives are full. If all I had to do was keep our house picked up, (which we’ve just moved…and I’m loving the new place!) that would be plenty. But, I clean, then the closets explode again the next day. And as you well know, there’s more to life than keeping the house tidy. School stuff, basketball practices and games, church activities (and I’m not even really involved yet since we’re new), my husband’s job that requires some evening hours (but I’m thrilled he’s got a job), working with the ministry, working at my parents shop/restaurant, and of all things, our dog decides to find a boyfriend and we’ll soon have a litter of puppies! Someday I’ll plant flowers, but not today.

Your life is probably just as nuts. You may be in a different stage with all your spare minutes swallowed by changing diapers or sneaking a nap while you can. But whatever the circumstances, as moms, there’s usually some sort of chaos nearby.

I heard someone today on the radio talking about Joshua 24:15, “…choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…” For yourselves: not what your parents chose, but choose for yourself. And this day. Not last year, tomorrow or 10 years from now, but today. Everyday, I get to choose for myself who I am going to serve.

The verse doesn’t say stop everything and serve me, but rather this day, during this day, as you wash clothes, work, hug, discipline, make dinner, plant flowers or birth puppies, choose who you will serve. Will I serve whininess about all that has to be done and the lack of help I’ve found in accomplishing the tasks? Am I going to decide to work myself to exhaustion so that I’m a grump? I must confess that I’ve done both. (Now you know!) What I’d rather choose is to serve the Lord as I go about my day and as I serve my family. When I give of myself because I love Him, my full life becomes a life full of joy.

So, how do you move past the whines of life? I have about a billion questions I want to ask you, but I’ll hold my horses and ask more later.

Laurie and I are excited to finally have a blog! If you have friends who would enjoy sharing life with us through the blog, we would appreciate your help in letting them know about us. Thanks for putting us on your favorites.


  1. God has really been getting my attention for the past several months to set my heart, mind, and eyes on Him. When I do that, it really shifts my perspective and sets my focus on Him and not on whining. It is a habit I'm working on to replace the tendency to whine or be a grump! (I've done those too--now you know!)

  2. Hi Sharon and Laurie - I have followed you for many years... first seeing you in Plano, Texas at a Mothers & Others group meeting. I am thrilled about your new blog, and I'll be a regular visitor. Although right now I, too, am in the midst of moving. This is an out-of-state move - a first for our family of 5. Talk about too much to do?! I hear ya loud and clear! But the comment you made about whining when you don't get the help...? That's EXACTLY where I'm at right now. I go to bed each night feeling so guilty about how I've griped at the kids, barked orders all day, and didn't show appreciation for my wonderful husband. So your post hit home for me (as does just about everything you two tell me). If only I could flip a switch and instantly become the person I long to be.. a person who radiates God's love through patience, tolerance, and humble obedience.