Thursday, March 19, 2009

New At This

Wow! I'm not sure how to do this blogging thing, but I'm excited about being able to "get real" with other moms out there in the blog world.

Where do I begin? I realize I am new to much of the technology today. My son, who is 14, can text, AIM, Facebook and email pretty-much all at the same time---I'm amazed! Yet he can't seem to grasp why I would not want a Facebook account, while he's asking, "What's for dinner? I'm hungry!" I told him that it's because I just can't seem to find the time in between washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, making meals for HIM (and the rest of the family), cleaning, teaching, grading, and running a newly-opened dog boarding kennel (, and these are just the highlights. You know, you are there too!

I know I'm new to today's world of technology, but why do I still feel so new (or ignorant) about being a mom sometimes? I've been at it for 14 years. You'd think I'd have a clue by now!

I just talked to a dad and his grown boys at Panera Bread, and we discussed how different each child can be. Don't you sometimes feel like you are back to square one, starting all over without a lick of sense? I'm so glad I have God's wisdom on my side (I love James 1:5!) and wonderful children who are amazingly forgiving and resilient.


  1. Yea, Laurie! You can do it girl! You are so right about parenting--many a day I feel like a clueless wonder! But I love talking to new moms and encourage them along the part I've been down. Thank ya'll for being candid about where I'm going. I'll be there before I know it!

  2. Ladies, I love the new web site and blog! Great job,
    Angela Parlin