Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mom! You're Embarrassing Me!

I'm there. I heard it was coming, but, WOW! I wasn't ready for the phrase to come at me so often! "Mom - You're embarrassing me." Sometimes I'm silly on purpose to help us both lighten up. Not that they see it that way! It's so easy. All you have to do is sneeze too loud, speak to a stranger, or change your order to "have it your way" instead of taking is as it comes. It's not like I'm trying - I'm just living life.

And yet...they can sing as loud as they like, act like an ape in a restaurant, laugh uncontrollably -obnoxiously until you want to throw up! (When in the car, Laurie said she uses the excuse, "Addison is trying to sleep can you keep it down?") They can talk with their mouths full, burp, "Etc." in public places, have their food any way they want it and even ways it doesn't come - and it's fine - not humiliating. Oh Brother! Go figure. Could someone please tell me the rules?

We were laughing today about all the ridiculous things they record themselves doing...singing off key, acting like a baby, mouthing the wrong words to a music video. Then, crazy of all craziness, they want their friends and everybody else to see it...and just to make sure it's seen, they post it on YouTube and Facebook!

They're just weird. Don't get mad at me for saying it. I love watching the weirdness as they grow through these odd stages (If I can laugh instead of scream!) I remember, when my kids were younger, I would listen in frustration as parents of pre-teens and teens talked about their kids like that, but now I know they were just being honest. I'm not saying it to my kids, just to don't tell them. They don't read their moms blog - that would be embarrassing!

From 2 Embarrassing Moms - Sharon and Laurie

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  1. I'm not there yet, but I remember. Thanks for the heads up!