Friday, June 5, 2009

A 30 Minute Session with THE Counselor

As I left my house this morning, the burdens were weighing heavy on my shoulders. Normally I'll call somebody to vent, but it just didn't seem right. So I asked God to be my counselor. I started unloading to my heavenly adviser..."This is how I feel, this is what I expected, etc. I ranted, raved and cried. After my tears, it's like the mirror was wiped clean and suddenly I could see the error in my thoughts. Things aren't always as they seem. It wasn't as bad as I assumed. Here are some of the advice my counselor brought my way:
  • Love perseveres - I Cor. 13:7b
  • Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21 (Remember who is behind the evil stirring the pot.)
  • When I don't give grace, I fall on my face (the Lord brought this to mind from a friend who shared it earlier this week.)
  • And from the book, Humility, True Greatness by C.J. Mahaney, pg. 71 - "An ungrateful person is a proud person. If I'm ungrateful, I'm arrogant. And if I'm arrogant, I need to remember God doesn't sympathize with me in that arrogance; He is opposed to the proud."

After my 30-minute session with the Divine Counselor, my burdens were gone; replaced by perspective and hope. We have a great God. To Him be the Glory!

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  1. I have heard it said "Go to the Throne instead of the phone." That is advice I need to take more often too. I have been memorizing Scripture more this year than I ever have before and as I go over my verses, I'm amazed at how they speak to my day...again...right where I am. He is a great Counselor!