Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grace Grace Grace - Mom and Loving It Goes to She Speaks

At the end of July, Laurie and I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina...rented a "sweet ride" and traveled to Raleigh where we spoke to a group of moms from Southbridge Fellowship. A mom that attended the event was starting a Saturday morning book study with one of our books. If anyone from Southbridge reads this, let us know how it's going!

Once we arrived in NC, I realized I had no camera! After the Southbridge event we were headed to She Speaks where I wanted to learn about putting photographs on our blog. No camera, but needing pictures = a quick trip to Best Buy and wa-la...we have pictures - just not in time for Southbridge!

Cruisin' Moms and Loving It

We drove our sweet ride back to Charlotte loving the 3 hour drive time...and Starbucks! In Charlotte, we attended She Speaks (put on by www.Proverbs31.org) for women who are in women's ministry or women who want to speak, blog and write. The unpublicized theme was Grace, Grace, Grace. How we all need that. I always want people to give me grace, but sometimes I don't want to offer it. Ouch!

Lisa (below) was the first person I met. She's a sweet homeschooling mom from New Jersey who serves on the praise team at her church.


Laurie and I were so blessed to hear Jennifer Rothschild and get to reconnect with her again. Our families had visited with she and Phil at the MOPS convention in Minneapolis several years ago while we were on tour in Minnesota. I needed to hear that she had been prideful at times in ministry. I've done the same thing and have felt so guilty about it. Grace, grace, grace isn't just to offer to others. Sometimes we need to give grace to ourselves.


There were about 600 ladies at She Speaks. What a blessing to see the Lord working in so many hearts. We enjoyed the time (lots!) Laurie kept me up way too late working on a book proposal.


It was great to be with my best friend/sister learning, growing, laughing, and crying. We spent some time in the prayer room (I don't think I've ever been to an event so prayed over.) Evidence of the tears shed in the prayer room...


I had the privilege of meeting Elizabeth and Andrea in a writers critique time. What precious ladies. I wish we lived closer!


As the conference ended, we found the jewelry lady and more than that, we found a friend of our mutual friends, the Leal's. I worked at Leal's (mexican food restaurant) while I was in college. Veronica and her husband had spent hours and hours at Leals during those years. Veronica now speaks and makes jewelry. http://www.inspiredlooks.blogspot.com/

Photobucket Photobucket

Laurie and I met with three publishers while at She Speaks pitching a book idea. We enjoyed meeting all of them (Kregel, Cook, Harvest House) Kim works with a couple of the ladies we met at Harvest House while we were on tour in Oregon several years ago.

It was great to see Twila again, Cecil Murphey's assistant (www.themanbehindthewords.com). She was learning all about blogging, too.
Kay Martin (the funny lady) is on the left of Laurie. She is hilarious! http://www.thrivechristian.blogspot.com/ and Suzanne Shepmann was Laurie's group leader. She was kind enough to let me intrude on the speaker groups. Thanks Suzanne!



Laurie had the privilege of being with 10 wonderful ladies as part of a speaker evaluation group. We all survived the 3 and 5 minute speeches and longed for more time to get to know one another.

Kellie Kammes,Cheri Keaggy,Susanne Scheppmann,Bonita Leary,Nicole Leitz,Katherine Lorkovic,Katherine Lorkovic,Christine Kinney,Christine Kinney,Liz Lassa


At the last session, we were encouraged to take communion, then walk up to the front of the room and pick up a scripture from the pile at the foot of the cross. I picked up Ps. 33:11, "But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart through all generations." Laurie went up a few minutes later. When she sat down, I looked at her verse: Ps. 33:11. I thought maybe there were only a few verses printed, but as we looked around, nobody else had Ps. 33:11. So, not because it was ooh-mysterious, but because God is amazing and speaks to His people, we are studying and praying over Ps. 33 and how it applies to our lives and the ministry. Thanks, She Speaks Staff, for a wonderfully planned, uplifting, refreshing event.

Then, it was time to go back home to Texas. Laurie was packed up ready to go...really - walking out the door with bag in hand when she looked down to discover she was still in her houseshoes! Since I had a new camera, I took a picture to commemorate the occasion.


When we arrived at the airport, our families were waiting - all except Charles who was busy fixing a mysterious plumbing problem. Laurie will have to tell you more about that in another blog. The kids were thrilled to see us and just about as excited to see the new camera. Who knew you could do this with a camera! Leave it to a kid to figure that out!

Despite the drawings, they are both little angels most of the time!


  1. I so enjoyed reading your blog!
    Great job at capturing the She Speaks experience!

    Lets try to catch up soon and plan a time to get together in the near future!

    What a delight and blessing to have met you girls!!

    Be Inspired!