Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life Lessons from Lingerie

Have you tried those minimizers? Last night I found them in the lingerie section of Wal-mart. The tag reads, "Work it without working out!" Sounded like a pretty good quick fix to me. The first one I picked up looked like an XS. My mouth dropped open when I realized it was an XL! How would one fit into this thing? Still, the desire for a flat belly and riddance of my love-handles made me spend the $15.

When I unloaded my buys at home, I started trying on clothes along with my girls who had things to model as well. I put the "squisher" on and was thrilled with the results. We all admired my mini-waist. I felt like I was wearing a stretchy corset. All went well until I tried to take it off - I should have bought the XL. My girls began laughing hysterically at me trying to unminimize myself. Then I got tickled. I was stuck. "Hope I can take a shower in the thing, cause it's there for good," I thought. Eventually I did free myself. I hope I haven't caused my daughters too much trauma.

So...where is this story going? Is there a way to apply this to life? Of Courset...I mean of course. We have so many things binding us. Work, schedules, stress, troubled relationships, responsibilities. We feel stuck. Sometimes it means we need to let go of some things to make our schedule lighter. It might be that we need counseling for our relationships. Maybe it's that we should take a nap on Sunday afternoons to relieve the stress. Usually for me, I find myself completely stressed when I think I can do it all and I forget Who makes it possible for me to wake up everyday and breath. I've missed time with Jesus minimizing Him in my life. Instead, I have to try to minimize my life so that I can put God back where He and over it all - bound only by His firm grip.


  1. This is so something I would do! And I love Jim Cymbala, look forward to reading you! =)

  2. I laughed when I read this! Hope you girls and your families are doing well! Merry Christmas!
    Amy Cooper