Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Run-Away

Last week was a little piece of heaven. We ran-away from daily life. Thanks to my travel savvy husband we headed out of town for an inexpensive vacation. The kids were ours, and we were theirs. There was no opportunity to ask, "Can a friend come over?" because there were no friends around (not that we don't like our friends!!) We had no internet in our rooms, so daddy and I (and our bewildered teen) weren't clamoring for time on the web.

We needed it. Our family had been going in running 10 different directions as the school year ended. It was time that we ran away. Sometimes I feel like 9 of those different directions are mine! I say that "we" needed the time away, but I was desperate for it. I had to slow down and just be. And in stopping to enjoy my family, I realized that I like being with them! In fact, I loved it.

I also had a chance to spend quality time with God. I like Him, too. What a blessing to be loved by Him not because I'm so lovable, but because He is loving. (See The Love Dare - Day 8 or 9).

After coming back to the real world, I'm more aware of my family and of my relationship with God...and how precious both are.

Maybe you can't run away from home this summer, but, why not try a day or 2 of vacation at home? It takes some planning, but you can create a haven in the heat of summer to bring your hearts back home. Game night, movie night, a baking day, water sprinklers in the back yard...

My prayer for our time was, "Lord, please help us enjoy the time away as much as we'll enjoy the memories later." He certainly answered that prayer for us. I hope that as you take your moments and run with them this summer, He will do the same for you!

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  1. Hi there,
    So excited that I found your blog. Summer has become one of our busiest times with our older kids going on mission trips & church trips, but it is a change of pace from the normal rat race we run during the school year. Somehow I find rest in that. Love that verse!