Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Good Stuff - 14 Days of Love...

Today's idea:

Tell your kids what you LOVE about them. Think about it beforehand so you're really ready. Find a time...bedtime is always share your thoughts with them. It might be that something you've learned from them. Rather than just physical attributes (i.e. you're pretty, you're strong) try to focus on character issues.
  • "I love that you're honest. I really feel like I can trust you."
  • "Because you're humble, you have a way of making people feel comfortable."
  • "You're sister is growing so much because of the way you treat her. Thanks for doing your part to help her become all that God wants her to be."

Why is it much easier to see the negatives in our children instead of the positives? Make an effort today to watch for the "good stuff" then tell them about it. (It wouldn't hurt to look for "the good stuff" in your spouse, too!!)



  1. Great idea! I need to make this a habit at my house!

  2. This is such a wonderful idea! I began a blog recently about daily engaging in my children's lives because it is so easy to get busy and just take care of them and not nurture them. Thank you for today's post!

    I got your calendar on praying for your children last year at Hearts at Home and I am using to as fuel for some of my writings. I will definitely be putting a link to your site in my blogroll. Thanks again!