Thursday, February 3, 2011

Old-Fashioned Valentine...

When I was a kid, I would sit down with my older brother and sister a week before Valentines and work on a valentine card for my mom and dad. We each made one. It took several days. Doilies, construction paper, lace...we found a way to include it all!

I can't seem to get my kids to work on the same card for days, but during our snow days at home, they have made several (now the challenge is actually getting them to people!)

Idea for today:

How about pulling the construction paper out after dinner tonight and making Valentine cards for a neighbor, teacher, friend or even each other. How much more fun can it get than folding a piece of paper, cutting it, then opening it to find a heart?! Who needs entertainment when you have construction paper and scissors?!

Happy cutting and gluing!


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