Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Activities

Opening week of baseball season! Whoo-hoo! Anybody else excited about that? I was not always that way. I wasn't really a sports girl. I didn't play sports in school, and we didn't watch a lot of sports. When I stayed at my grandparents house as a girl and Papaw turned on the baseball game, I thought it was so b.o.r.i.n.g. Then I met my SweetHeart who loves baseball. He took me to a Rangers game and I was hooked. He taught me how to score a game. That helped me learn the rules and understand what was happening. Now I really enjoy the slow pace as we enjoy the game together--especially when we can go to a live game. As our kids have reached the age to play little league, they can't wait to sign up! And it has been so much fun to watch them play.

Here is a question for you...I'm sure your springs are super busy too. How do you manage meals and practices and games and...?

Have your likes changed over the years too? What spring activities do you enjoy with your family?

posted by Shelly, Mom and Loving It Ministries Assistant

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