Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun Monday-The Catcher

(Shelly) My family really likes baseball (more on that Wednesday). So it was no surprise when our kids got old enough to play, they could not wait to sign up! We have spent many an hour at the baseball diamond, and some of those moments have been comical. My son, age 5, played catcher his second season. Dad was his coach and he told him, "You know, you can talk to the batters and kind of distract them." The next game he tried asking them questions, but that didn't really work for him. Then he thought, I like to sing. I'm pretty good at it, and that might be distracting. So he began to sing his own made up songs at the top of his voice! I'm the singing catcher. And I'm trying to distract you, so you strike out! I don't know if the players were bothered by it, but the opposing coaches (who were pitching), the umpire, and the fans were sure tickled! This month we are sharing stories about baseball (or sports) and spring. Do you have any to share? We would love to hear it!

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