Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night is back! This Friday, December 3rd on NBC, A Walk in My Shoes will be airing. Check your local listing for show times. It is a movie that shares a great family message about two families whose lives collide, creating an opportunity to see things from a whole new perspective.

A Walk In My Shoes - 2:33 TRLR from Moms4FamilyTV.com on Vimeo.

You can find out more information and ways to spread the word about this movie that we actually want to see with our kids and not have to worry about the content at Moms 4 Family TV. Get your popcorn!

Moms 4 Family TV is also having an essay contest. There are three catagories: 8th graders, 9th graders, and moms! You might not have child that age, but do you know a mom who writes? I thought so! The winner receives $500! The application also asks for the organization who referred you to the contest. If you win, and you put us down as the sponsoring organization, we can win a cash prize too! You can find more information about the contest here. Go for it!

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