Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun Monday

Sigh...if your Monday after Thanksgiving has gone like mine, you're just now sitting down too! I thought you would enjoy a short funny story. Some of you may have gone camping or some of your family might have gone fishing over the holiday, so here's a fishing story for you from Shelly in Texas.

My 2 year old (aka Little B) went fishing with his Daddy one day. Daddy would cast out the line, and Little B would reel it in as fast as he could. Cast and reel. Cast and reel. After a while, they had not had any bites, so Daddy cast it out and said, “This is the last time before we go home.” He handed the rod to Little B who just held it. Puzzled, Daddy looked at him. Little B looked up and replied, “My fish coming soon!”

We hope you had a fun time with family and friends over Thanksgiving. If you have a funny story you would like to share with us, you can send it to Shelly(at)MomAndLovingIt(dot)org.

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