Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ideas for Celebrating Christmas

Here are some of our favorite ideas that we have either done in our home with our family and friends or heard of and would love to try! Do you have any to add to the list?

  • Act out the Christmas Story, or at least read the Christmas story with the family.
  • We buy a family ornament and buy each of the kids an ornament they like.
  • Take a picture of kids serving. Make an ornament out of it. Great reminders each year.
  • Decorate someone’s house that is not able to do for themselves.
  • Secretly send a gift every day until Christmas to a special family (example: one piece of the manger scene at a time until all pieces have been sent).
  • Participate in Samaritan’s Purse or Angel Tree projects.
  • Present for Jesus – the first thing under the tree is a beautiful box. It is Jesus’ present. After Christmas morning, we sit as a family and write a gift we each want to give Jesus that year. Then we read them together the next Christmas. A gift to Jesus might be to spend more time with Him, be more kind to our siblings, commit to work on a character trait, etc.
  • Instead of making Christmas cookies, on Christmas Eve we bake a birthday cake for Jesus. Christmas morning, Daddy reads the Christmas story and then we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and blow out the candles. We explain to the kids that the presents we receive that day are blessings from God, because He has blessed us throughout the year.

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