Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Toddler to Teen? Time Flies!

Our oldest daughter turned 13 last week. Man, the time flies! Seems like she was a toddler 2 minutes ago! I am learning so much everyday about what it's like to parent this new stage. I've learned, so far,

  • it's best if I take a deep breath before I jump into a lecture;
  • that when she tells me stuff, she's not always looking for an answer;
  • that we enjoy a lot of the same things (that's really cool!);
  • that I shouldn't snort when I laugh because that's not cool;
  • I'm learning not to panic...she's learning and growing everyday. I see glimpses of Jesus in her and it reminds me that He's the one who is ultimately in control;
  • I'm doing all I can to pour into her the blessings and promises of God without shoving them on her...being available at bedtime, holding her when she asks, putting notes in her lunch box, reading the bible or a devotional at breakfast;
  • she doesn't always want me around, but sometimes she does. At those times she really needs me.
  • when she gives me a hard time, most of the time she's really trying to get me to play...when I tickle her, or roll my eyes and smile instead of getting mad, we end of laughing.
  • sometimes I'm an idiot. If any experienced parents want to give me advice, I'll gladly take it!

Lord, we need your help. Please give us the wisdom, patience, understanding, and perseverance we need to raise this strong daughter you've given us. You created her and know her better than we ever can. You're works are wonderful. (Ps. 139) Thank you for the privilege of being responsible for training our kids. I love You and Need You. I ask this in Jesus name...Amen


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