Monday, January 3, 2011

Fun Monday

Do you have pets? Our dog, Sadie, did a great job of cleaning up after us. I could be in the kitchen and say "oops" as I dropped something, and she would come running in to see what morsel waited for her! (She was so well trained!) One day my son (age 2) was enjoying a snack in the living room, and I heard him calling, “Sadie! Sadie!”
“Honey, Sadie is outside. What is it?”
“Mom, I guess I’m going to need a napkin then.”

Gotta love pets and kids! If you have a funny story you would like to share, send it to shelly(at)MomAndLovingIt(dot)org. Happy Fun Monday!

posted by Shelly, Mom and Loving It Ministry assistant

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