Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun Monday

(Shelly) It was Mother’s Day. Not just any Mother’s Day—the day we were having my daughter's Baby Dedication at church! So my parents came down, and all the Lastnames were coming over to our house for lunch. I was trying to get as much prepared the night before as I could, so lunch for that big crowd would come together quick and smooth. My 3 year-old son and Papa were chopping pecans for me to put in a salad. They finished the amount I needed, and my son asked, “Mom, can I chop up some chips?” “Sure. Why not,” I replied. I could see it in their eyes, he and Papa had an experiment going! Being the scientist that he is, Papa kept track of all that went into their concoction. My son thought it was pretty cool the way those four Sour Cream ‘n’ Onion potato chips ground up in the nut chopper. Then they added 6 pecans. They poured that mixture into one of the kid-sized Tuperware mixing bowls I used to play with and added lemonade until it was just the right consistency—150 ml according to Papa! Now you and I both know that is not a mouth watering combination, but to this almost 4-year-old it sounded like the most delicious treat that he wanted to share with everyone! The whole time they were mixing and adding a little more lemonade to make it just right, he kept talking about how he wanted Uncle Rod and his older cousin especially to taste it. And it was going to be great! Then the taste testing moment arrived. Papa poured some of the chunky juice into a small cup, and I got the camera ready for the reaction. My son was oblivious to our grins that were just waiting to laugh out loud as he took a sip.

You could tell he wanted to sell it and say it was yummy!

But then reality hit all those taste buds and the optimistic expression on his face changed to…”This is YUCK!”

He didn't even want it on his fingers! He is ten now, and I still crack up when I see these pictures!
Anyone have a fun story you want to share with us? You can email it to Shelly(at)MomAndLovingIt(dot)org. We can all use a smile!

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