Saturday, January 1, 2011

This Old House...

Memories are Made by Living Today

We yanked everything salvageable out of the house until darkness banned us. The next day, a dinosaur looking machine came in and tore down a house in 3 hours that had taken years to grow us up. It was our grandparents’ home. In disrepair, it needed to come down so another home could be built - a fresh start for new memories to be made.

Tears were a common sight on the faces of the people there. No one wondered why. The tears weren’t from regret, but because things could never be as they once were. We were remembering the smell of granddad after he had worked in the field, Sunday lunches with potato salad, granny’s pear preserves and toast from her toaster oven, sitting at the bar in their kitchen having countless conversations – some life-changing. Happy times, sad days, loving words and of course some angry exchanges. We were sad that parts of our lives were over…our childhoods, even part of our children’s childhood. It marked for our family that time is passing.

I looked up just now to see that my 10-year-old daughter has written with dry-erase on a mirror in our bedroom, “I love u dad and I love u mom.” Here I was trying to hold back the tears from the past when right in front of me I have the joys of today. It made me smile. It’s easy to look back and miss what was. But, noticing where I am and enjoying it is a bigger challenge for me.

This year, I’m asking God – the one who never changes - to help me slow down and enjoy the people and minutes in my house – the things happening now. I love the scene from the Incredibles (love that movie!) between Bob and Helen:

Bob: “Reliving the glory days is better than acting like they never happened!”
Helen: “Yes, Bob, they happened, but our family - this is what’s happening now and you’re missing it.”

Someday we’ll look back and miss “this”…the days going on right now. So while it’s “right now,” grab it, embrace it. Let’s cry later because we miss the way things were not because we regret that we missed it.

Laurie and I with our families pray that you experience the life God intended for you this year and that you get a glimpse everyday of how much He loves you. We hope you’ll take time to get to know Him better this year. Think of it as sitting around the kitchen bar with Jesus…greater understanding comes from sitting with Him, decisions are made easier, and lots love can pass there…and His house will stand forever.

The song "These Days" on our CD has this as it's theme. You can enjoy it here on iTunes today!

Happy New Year!
Co-Author of Mom and Loving It, and Hold You, Mommy

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