Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun Monday

(Shelly) Recently a friend and I were talking about how sugar is a great motivator in our families. It reminded me of a funny story.

At the time, we didn't regularly have dessert after supper, so for me to have planned to make a dessert was a big deal and the kids knew it. I was trying to get supper fixed and on the table while my 6-year-old son and 3-year old daughter were chasing each other through the kitchen into the living room and back through the kitchen in a circle. I had asked them to quit. My husband told them to quit. I asked them to quit again but it just wasn't happening--they were having too much fun! So finally I had enough and yelled, "Fine! You're not getting dessert!" Oh, the water works and the begging started! We finally got them calmed down enough to sit at the table, but they were still upset. Hubby asked if either of them would like to pray before supper. My son jumped at the chance. "Dear God, thank You for this food. And please let Mom and Dad change their mind about dessert. At least about me. I don't care if Sister gets it or not..." Honestly, I didn't hear the rest of the prayer because I was laughing too much!

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