Friday, May 27, 2011

Sharon and Pat's summer plan

On Initiative: Gb4Wb4F = God before Work before Fun.
We were just gong to put Wb4F, but we really want them to take initiative in growing their relationships with God. Our "W" has eyes inside it to show initiative, meaning "Look around to see what needs to be done." Take initiative in helping. It's been a big theme of ours. Mom and Dad don't need to tell you everything to do. If you see a bug that's dead on the floor that needs to be swept up, sweep it up. If the dogs have pawed the windows on the backdoors, clean them. Be self-motivated rather than mom-motivated.

A Game we played: one at a time, look around the house and come back with 3 things you see that you could take initiative to make better. Mom and Dad had to name 5 things. We started with the youngest then ended with Mom (even though I'm not the oldest...ahem!) and nobody could say what someone else had already said. It was a good exercise in opening our eyes.

On Bedtime/wake-time: We set some loose bedtimes and wake times.

On "I want to have a friend over":
1. Look at your calendar (each kid made one with their activities in one color and the rest of the family in another color).
2. Is anything going on during the time you want your friend to come over? Is Mom busy?
3. Always clear plans with Mom or Dad before talking or texting the person you want to invite.

On "What can I do? I'm bored!":
We got the kids to help us make a list of "Things I could do." They are workout, read, play Wii (our kids are earning TV and Wii time by reading or working on a math website), take initiative to clean something, talk on the phone, make food, play outside, have a friend over, volleyball, ride bikes, basketball, play on the trampoline, practice typing, work on creating a website (our teen), take pictures, create something, write out the plan for the week, ask Mom how I can help her...(I love that one!)

On "Hurry up, let's go!":
This is for all year...and I stole this from Laurie. She has asked her kids to say, "Mom do you need me to help with something" or "How can I help you?" or "Do you have your phone, keys, purse?" (ha ha ha! I'm forever leaving then coming back for something I've forgotten!) Instead of, "Let's go! What is taking so long!" How can I help you gets everybody on the same team and teaches them cooperation, grace, and servanthood.

On "I'm hungry!":
* We found these great popsicles at Target in the dollar spot--10 popsicles for $1! They have no high fructose corn syrup and are only 20 caleries each. The kids love them!
* Snacks between meals are okay, but need to be limited.
* One sweet thing per day. Go for some fruit!
* If you're hungry, ask Mom, "How can I help you with dinner?" I told them I would have e-mealz in the cabinets for them to be able to prepare if I was going to be out of pocket.

Do you have any ideas along these lines to help you thrive this summer?

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