Friday, May 27, 2011

Shelly's framework for the Summer

Ground rules:
* Work first, then play
* Read a little/rest every afternoon
* On our idea list--we are going to try to limit it to one per day. My kids could wear me out jumping from one thing to the next!
* Ideas that are more pricey are limited to one every week or so (within reason)
* We live far from the big city with entertainment, so those "go" trips are limited to once a week

I made a list of the weekly housework jobs that have to be done. I want them to see what is expected before we can play. I also have a list of work projects that I want to do. Things like clean out my closet, clean out the kids toys and books, and clean out the garage. Oh, and Christmas shopping! My fall calendar is already crazy, so I need to get a jump start! Then there is a list of kids' responsibilities: keep your room clean, keep the house public ready (that means keep it in a state that I'm not totally embarrassed if someone drops by), do your house job for the week. My goal is to plan out the week where we have a few jobs each morning and get an idea for our fun. Hopefully that will help me to plan for fun and them to not badger me so much if they can see when it is coming.

Fun ideas that are a little pricy:
* Go to Chuck E. Cheese
* Go to the Children's Museum
* Go to the Activity Center
* Go to the movie (We have a drive-in near us, and we are planning to go see Cars 2 there! I've never been to a drive-in--I'm so excited!)
* Let the kids choose one of the kids kits at Hobby Lobby (hopefully when they are on sale), and take a day to actually do it!
* Go to a baseball game. We have a minor league team in our area, and we love to go see the Rangers!
* Go ride horses. My kids love that!

Some Go ideas that are less money:
* Swim
* We have a state park near us that has a Children's Nature Program and it is free! Last year we did the Family Nature Hike and we really enjoyed it.
* Bowling--you can sign up for Kids Bowl Free all summer! (You still have shoe fees, but you save a lot!) If you have a participating bowling center near you, this is a good deal and family fun!
* Library story time
* Parks and Recreation Department might have weekly programs for kids. We had one where we used to live and it was great!
* Vacation Bible School

Fun at the House ideas:
* Toy Town--build lincoln log house, my daughter's horse stables, tinker toy playground, hot wheels race track and set up the train between it...we will have our own little town!
* Sleep outside in the tents
* Paint/crafts
* Games
* Wii tournament
* Puzzles
* Water guns
* Slip n slide
* Write cousins or friends
* Call/write grandparents

Being intentional
A few years ago, Focus on the Family had a program called the Character Crew. I printed off all the information and activities, but it was a little too much for them. Now I think it will work better. It is still available on online here.

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